ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - UNE 166002

PYME Innovadora

2016 – 2021

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ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 - UNE 166002

PYME Innovadora

2016 – 2021


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Soluciones de crecimiento
y engorde.

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Tecnología TrieTech©
Nueva Innovación

Microalgas, bacterias y cianobacterias
en una innovadora gama de productos

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Cultivamos y Producimos

Producir de forma sostenible
nuestras algas y bacterias
aporta valor

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Investigación la semilla
del éxito

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caras y verduras

Potenciación de los colores
naturales de los frutos.

Nuestras áreas de trabajo

Health, quality,  more natural foods, are the main virtues demanded by the markets and therefore, crops must heed them. 

The Biorizon Group offer a large range of products where key elements are added.

  • A powerful investment in R+D that has led to the innovative Trietech© techology.
  • Being the producers of our own raw material which allows to guarantee quality

In the Biorizon Group we have applied the most advanced technology to develop solutions to the production of fruits and vegetables providing, through the use of natural elements, improvements facing the more traditional substances of chemical synthesis.

High-yield sustainable agriculture. Trietech© technology.

Discover our line of products based on our patented process.

Ecological Agriculture

Bio-technological solutions for ecological agriculture.

Biotechnology, R+D+I

We develop innovative products based on our research areas.

About us

The Biorizon Group is born focused on the field of biotechnology. Its studies and developments were focused from the beginning in the countless applications of microalgae in the fields of intensive and ecological agriculture, developing unique techniques and processes for the improvement of plants and fruits growth, color stimulation and physical trapping.

“Biotechnological research for the creation of natural  fertilizers, stimulators and pesticides 

Our Team

David Iglesias


Fernando Román

Strategy Manager

Elisa Rojas

Technical Manager

Francisco Ibañez

Operations Manager



We are interested in progress with our clients. Adressing innovative, big or small projects. Tell us what your is and we will be happy to offer our solutions.


If you want to contact us please call (+34) 950 340 617 or send an e-mail. If you rather send a message please use this form.

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