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At the express invitation of the Organization, Biorizon Biotech has participated in the ‘International Meeting on New Strategies in Bioremediation Processes BioRemid – 2017’, which took place in Granada on 9 and 10 March under the Organization of the Water Research Institute.

The almerian company has presented a communication consisting of the valorisation of biomass of microalgae obtained through wastewater treatment. This international scientific Congress has been promoted by the University of Granada, the water Institute and the Spanish society of microbiology.

On behalf of the Working Group of Biorizon Biotech has developed the project, Joaquín Pozo Dengra, responsible for the area of research and development projects, has presented a communication focusing on the treatment of waste water using consortia microalgas-bacterias.

As explained, “the objective of our study is to evaluate the process of obtaining material suitable for their enhancement through bio-fertilizers that can be used in agriculture. Our system minimizes dramatically the economic cost and the carbon footprint of conventional water treatment systems”.

In the scientific meeting held in Granada have taken researchers part University, scientists and representatives from the industry who have contributed information initiatives in various fields of scientific development to cope with environmental problems. “The global effort against environmental pollution, points out well Dengra, are a general priority in which we all work. “Water quality is a basic commodity that we all we need, so our work is oriented to reuse and application in many fields without that treatment involves paying a toll of pollution”.