Acid3 Control

Acid3 Control is a formulation rich in phosphorous and nitrogen enhanced with surfactants to improve the product wettability.

Due to its special formulation it can be used as an adjuvant for the preparation of broths used in foliar treatments where the waters are alkaline ph.

Acid3 Control has a triple action on the broths where it is applied.

  • Acidifier: Regulates the ph by acidifying the medium, providing protection to substances that may undergo alkaline hydrolysis. Of paramount importance when using alkaline waters (ph> 7).
  • Wetting: Decreases the surface tension of the mixture where it is added, improving adherence to the vegetable surface, and therefore coverage and adherence on the leaves.
  • Antifoam: Prevents the formation of foams during the preparation of the broth, facilitating its application.

Because of its triple action, Acid3 Control has a direct impact on increasing the conditions for the absorption of nutrients, promoting leaf nutrition and improving the results of phytosanitary treatments.