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Each feedback is a lever that moves us in order to expand our research objectives and presence in emerging markets.

We want to share with you that throughout this year we are feeling as never before the trust and support of those who value and benefit from our products, as the result of research and commitment to sustainable development. At Biorizon Biotech that’s we believe in.

That’s why we are a company officially consedered by the Spanish government since 2015 as an Innovative SME, which led us that same year to receive official support to strengthen our team of researchers.

Research on microalgae-based products is a commitment for us. And a reality that offers results.

Also in 2016, the American National Algal Association (NAA) offered us its global networks to promote our advances in the field of microalgae. We could not wish for a better world showcase! We shortly after joined EABA, the European Algae Biomass Association (EABA).

We share with many companies and institutions a global vision on how new resources should be, environmentally sustainable and accessible to final consumers.

So we are particularly encouraged that the Chamber of Commerce of Almería has distinguished us by our capacity for entrepreneurship, that Infoagro Almería distinguishes us by promoting organic farming and by helping the natural growth of plants.

We are also proud that the main media group in Almería rewarded us for our technological commitment.

The dedication and professional quality of those who work here support us.

We have new advances ahead, innovations of all kinds that will guarantee a better future for all.

It is our main purpose