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Proud to be a part of the new Andalusian hub for digital innovation. Dynamic workshop in Seville framed in the European project ICT-Biochain.

Biorizon Biotech belongs as a member to the steering committee that has been constituted in order to develop this project.  Its objective is to improve the logistics of biomass in the Andalusian region, applying advanced ICT solutions for an efficient and productive know-how transfer.

Andalusian Business Confederation welcomes this great day with key players such as the Andalusian Technology Corporation, the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Agriculture, the e2c2 technological firm, Oleícola El Tejar, Integra Factory and La Caña Group, with whom we have developed the Biorefina project, designed to transform plant residues generated in horticultural holdings into high-quality fertilizers bioproducts.

We all work together to develop a local framework that ensure the interaction of the IBIOC Technology Center (Glasgow) with the Andalusian research groups interested in joining the local network.

The Andalusian Hub is intended to become a meeting point for both managing biomass companies, such as Biorizon Biotech, and those dedicated to the technology of information and knowledge transfer.

The European project ICT-Biochain aims, on the other hand, to identify ways to strengthen the use of information technologies and improve the chains of bio-industry suppliers.