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Biorizon Biotech values the commercial importance of avocado

Biorizón Biotech has actively attended this week the IX World Avocado Congress, held in Medellin, Colombia, with the participation of experts from all over the world. Within the framework of the commercial mission promoted by the Andalusian agency Extenda, our firm has attended the presentations and colloquiums organized around avocado as a growing agricultural industry.

As noted by David Iglesias, director of Biorizón Biotech, “we are where innovations are exposed, where to talk about the future and where we can contribute something with our experience and initiative.” Almeria biotechnology is immersed in a dynamic process of international launch of natural products aimed at a healthier, sustainable and productive agriculture.

In this event it has coincided with the Spanish company Grupo La Caña, specialized in tropical products and with which there are very close relationships. Additionally, contacts have been maintained with distributors and customers in the area.

Biorizon Biotech wants to continue at the forefront of technology, in the new concepts in plant nutrition and, in short, contribute our grain of sand to sustainability in the framework of the great global objectives of this field, such as those enunciated by the UN. This Congress has also been the scenario of multiple commercial contacts between experts and companies from different productive and research fields that will lead to further cooperation projects.