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Biorizon Biotech renews its commitment every year with an innovative, productive and sustainable agriculture.

Throughout the year it is reflected in its commercial and corporate activity, with special relevance in Fruit Attraction, where it has become a permanent and reference exhibitor.

Thus, in 2017 we presented our progress report of the Bacagro program and took part in the organization of a technical conference on Agro-innovation through the presentation of the report “Microbiological control for sustainable agriculture. Bacagro Collaboration Challenges Project ”. Our goal then, as now, is to highlight innovation as an essential concept for the agricultural sector.

In the next edition, especially relevant to the organization for being the X Anniversary, Biorizon Biotech also made an important leap in presenting the increasing size of the company, because we serve both national and international customers that have led us to create an infrastructure own.Biorizon Biotech is currently present in three continents, from the Latin American markets of Peru, Chile, Mexico and Ecuador to Portugal or Arab countries such as Morocco. This year the expansion will continue to strengthen its presence in Latin America and Europe.

More research

In 2019 we continue to bet that all innovations linked to biotechnology reach the farmer in a simple and economical way. That is why this year we present our latest advances in Biostimulants and in the production of Microalgae. Farmers in both Spain and other countries are benefiting from relevant advances in the biostimulation of crops through Trietech © Technology.

Biorizon Trietech © Technology is the result of research in the field of bacteria, cyanobacteria and microalgae and shows substantial improvements over traditional treatments offering a global bio-stimulant action, a synergistic effect and greater resistance to pests and diseases. On the other hand, the approach to the development of ECO products, and the use of natural-born compounds such as microalgae, bacteria and cyanobacteria, are a guarantee for our farmers in their goal of adapting to European regulations regarding the cultivation of products Ecological

Biorizon Biotech’ DNA shows a distinguishing mark regarding investment in R&D. As proof of this, this year has opened the largest Microalgae plant in Europe. In addition, it is immersed in different research projects that it develops together with the University of Almeria and that are the basis for the launch of new products.

In this new edition of Fruit Attraction we present the new lines based on microorganisms and the new developments in the Biopower and Bioprotectors lines. In addition, the professional sector and the public can know and admire microalgae reactors that contain live culture and bacteria encapsulates. A show for visitors.