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The edition of Fruit Attraction 2019 meant for us the beginning of a new stage in many ways.

Three days of full activity: visits, meetings and the constant presence of companies and producers who wanted to have first-hand information about our products and our projects. We lack words to thank so much interest.

One more year we have had the opportunity to look out at the magnificent showcase that Fruit Attraction is. We have verified that it is still a world reference and that, within it, Almeria is a locomotive that pulls the entire sector not only of agricultural production but of innovation and research.


We have verified that the dimension and importance of our microalgae production plant, recently visited by the Secretary of State for Universities and Research, is getting more and more interest. Entities and specialized companies in Europe and other geographical areas have wanted to receive direct information about this infrastructure, unique in Europe.

For Biorizon Biotech, such interest represents a great boost to what we hope to contribute in this field. In addition to customers, suppliers and distributors, other exhibitors have also visited us who wanted to know us better in order to explore commercial or collaborative agreements in the short term. All the contacts established in these days will have continuity in the next weeks and months, we are sure of it.

In this positive context, the Biorizon Biotech team has developed an enormous informative activity, including the explanation about the characteristics of the mini reactor that we have taken to the Fair. There have been hundreds of questions we have tried to answer these days. It has b

een a real test that we hope to have passed.

A year full of challenges

If this year has been intense for Biorizon Biotech, the coming one marks the beginning of a new stage for all of us. Research and growth go hand in hand. 2020 is a year of reference in the culmination of major projects, such as SABANA, and the start of others.

Biorizon Biotech will continue to contribute its enthusiasm and resources with initiatives that contribute to food quality, security in agricultural production and the development of resources that guarantee sustainability, reinforcing our commitment to corporate social responsibility.