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Biorizon Biotech has developed an integrated module within the bioREFINA system to produce microalgae, for its subsequent hydrolysis and formulation as high quality biofertilizers.

 The prototype operates in an avocado area owned by Grupo La Caña  @Grupolacana, where the bioREFINA system has been successfully tested as a whole, resulting  an advance in harvest of horticultural products with significant differences of 20 days due to the application of biofertilizers developed. Results being endorsed by strict agronomic tests carried out by the @ Cajamar Foundation (Experimental Station Las Palmerillas).

 BioREFINA has aimed to transform in situ into high quality fertilizer bioproducts the plant residues generated from fruit and vegetable farms, from a small scale biorefinery for their transformation, with the aim of promoting agricultural sustainability by implementing a process of circular economy at the level of agribusiness exploitation that, among other aspects, will contribute to the reduction of the use of mineral fertilizers, the improvement of the energy management of farms, the improvement of fruit and vegetable productivity, as well as the implementation of a own waste management and recovery system.

 The project has been carried out in cooperation with @Systema Azud, @Grupo La Caña and @JBIngenieros. In addition, the @Universidad de Almería, @AINIA and @ Fundación CAJAMAR have participated as research centers and has been funded through the 2016 FEDER-INNTERCONECTA Call of @CDTI.