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We had the opportunity to know in situ the level of development of the agri-food of Israel.

With the support of Extenda we have been part of the Andalusian business expedition with which we have visited research centers and accelerators such as The Kitchen and The Trendlines, an incubator of ideas and agri-food proposals that can be applied to Almeria and Andalusian agriculture.

It is a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with companies also aligned in the field of research and the development of viable responses to the challenges of natural resources sustainability. We highlight the ‘SmartAgrifood Israel Day’, organized in Tel Aviv to generate meeting points and business opportunities

Before a specialized forum, we have had the opportunity to publicize our current position in the first line of sustainable development. Days of intense activity in which we have known, among others, the current advances in food technology and the use of water in agriculture.

In Biorizon Biotech we are always looking for new knowledge, techniques and production models to help our producers, from which the food chain starts.