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A big step by becoming part of the UN global compact

Biorizon Biotech has taken an important step towards strengthening corporate sustainability by becoming a United Nations Global Compact company.

With this, we are committed to implementing the ten principles in our strategies and operations.

The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, derived from the UN Declarations and Conventions, represent the fundamental values ​​that companies must incorporate into their strategies and daily operations. The 17 Global Goals are long-term, ambitious goals for businesses and other stakeholders to work to create a better world.

Why is Biorizon Biotech within the United Nations Global Compact?

We are a biotechnology company that generates productive alternatives to guarantee sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural production. Thousands of farmers from all over Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Morocco and Europe choose our products daily because we are a company that researches and develops inputs for sustainable agriculture.

Our production processes reduce the impact of industrial production activity on the climate, guaranteeing biodiversity and the ecosystem by developing microalgae crops in a sustainable way that will become our own raw materials. Maximizing the benefits of each strain and investigating how to improve and enhance its beneficial effects in field applications.

We promote sustainable economic development, investigating possible future applications in the production of biofertilizers from microalgae cultivated by taking advantage of the nutrients in wastewater, coming from agro-livestock waste, purifying these residual effluents through the cultivation of microalgae, contributing to this way to minimize the nitrogen footprint.

Our production model is based on the circular economy, being a world pioneer in the development and commercialization of bioprotectants and bioenhancers developed based on microalgae, making us a natural alternative to traditional fertilizers and pesticides.

We are a company that enhances the relationship with our environment

The work of our company is not only focused on the development of new zero-waste products that are respectful with the environment, but we also continuously listen to what farmers need, putting all our research knowledge at their service for a more sustainable agriculture.

In addition, from Biorizon Biotech we generate new quality employment alternatives based on the mitigation of climate impact and added value, and we are also the support for many of the research that future scientists will take as a basis for the research and development of subsequent uses of the microalgae.

To this, we must add Biorizon Biotech’s deep connection with the companies in our environment related to the agricultural sector, supporting them and creating synergies that improve the relationship with the farmer, the environment and their surroundings.

We are a company, whose commitments to the environment are real and our awareness of the climate and respect for agriculture are reflected daily in everything we do.

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