Boratech Mo+ eco

Is a nutritional mixture with a boron base, complexed by monoethanolamine and Molybdenum.

Boratech Mo+ eco  integrates in its formula a hydrolytic concentration obtained through Trietech © Technology, specifically developed by Biorizon Biotech to incorporate growth promoting cyanobacteria and microalgae in its compounds.

Born and Molybdenum present in Boratech Mo+ are found in its more soluble and assimilable forms for plant tissues.

Additionally, the metabolites provided by the hydrolyzed compound through Trietech©  Technology strengthen the absorption of both micronutrients stimulating immediately the physiological functions they take place in.

It is known that Boron is crucial in flowering, size, fertility, pollen grain germination, pollen tubes growth and nectar volume in flowers in order to attract pollinating insects.

This effects are empowered when Molybdenum is applied simultaneously with Born, so the mixed application in melon and watermelon crops has demonstrated to develop flowers with a superior pollen quality, a better percentage of fruit setting and a clear improvement in fruit quality.