Mangatech Zn + eco

Is a formulation specifically designed to correct or prevent zinc and manganese deficiencies in all types of crops.

Mangatech Zn + eco integrates in its formulation a hydrolytic concentrate obtained using Trietech © technology, specifically developed by Biorizon Biotech for the incorporation of growth-promoting bacteria, cyanobacteria and microalgae to its formulations.

This treatment allows to preserve the bioactive components with phytochemical activity.

Recommended for:

The use of Mangatech Zn + eco is especially recommended for:

  • Prevent zinc deficiencies in the plant.
  • Faster rooting of crops.
  • Enhancement of the natural colors of the fruits.
  • Homogeneous size and maturation.
  • Improvement of the resistance of the plant against pests, heat stress, and diseases.