Microtech Ferro eco

Is indicated to alliviate the lack of iron and favor chlorophyll. Normally this happens when the pH of the soil is not what the plant needs what translates into iron absorption difficulties.

Microtech Ferro eco integrates a hydrolytic compound in its formula obtained through TrieTech © technology, specifically designed to incorporate to the compound growth promoting cyanobacteria and microalgae.

When iron is not absorbed chlorophyll cannot be formed, the pigment responsible for the green color, so leaves tend to go yellow which is the main symptom of chlorosis.

Iron defficiency leads to a diminished production of chlorophyll, turning leaves yellow and leaving the nerves green, even causing leaf fall. The main cause of this is limestone and iron lacking soils.

Microtech Ferro eco is specially indicated for any type of fertirrigation in seed fruit trees, citruses, vegetables, cereals, fodders and legumes.