Is a fertilizer which improves the vigor, resistance and quality of the crop thanks to a hydrolytic compound in its formula obtained through TrieTech© technology, specifically designed to incorporate to the compound growth promoting cyanobacteria and microalgae.

Due to its rich content in short peptide chains, it improves the process of assimilation for other nutrients and phytosanitary products so the costs of production diminish.

Consequently, every nutritional element as well as hormonal precursors located in algae are released into the aqueous extracellular medium, being totally available for its absorption.

Recommended for:

The use of Biosupergrow is specially recommended for:

  • Improved seed germination.
  • Activating formation and improving the root system.
  • Stimulating the absorption of macroelements provided to the plant through foliage or roots.
  • Diminishing thermal stress effects.
  • Improved fruit setting.
  • Activating the photosynthesis process of nutritional and reserve substances.
  • Facilitating damaged tissue regeneration after trimming or hits.