Is a nutritional blend based on Boron ethanolamine.

Boratech integrates a hydrolytic concentrate in its formulation, obtained using TrieTech © technology, specifically developed by Biorizon Biotech for the incorporation of growth-promoting bacteria, cyanobacteria and microalgae to its formulations.

Boron present in Boratech is found in its forms of greater solubility and capacity for assimilation by plant tissues. In addition, the metabolites that provide the presence of the hydrolyzate obtained through TrieTech © technology enhance the absorption of micronutrients, immediately stimulating the physiological functions in which they participate.

Boron is known to play a crucial role in flowering, in improving the size, fertility and germination of pollen grains, in the growth of pollen tubes and in increasing the level of nectar in flowers, with the consequent attractive effect for pollinating insects.

Boratech can be applied to all types of crops (citrus, hydroponic, fruit, horticultural, ornamental, vine, etc …) as a corrector or preventive of Boron deficiencies to ensure good flowering and fruit set.