Is a magnesium-enriched calcium solution designed to correct calcium deficiencies in younger leaves and tissues.

Its special formula allows the rapid dispersion of calcium on the foliar surface thanks to its surfactant effect, as well as its rapid absorption by the aerial parts of the plants thanks to its translaminar action.

Calcium absorption by plants occurs passively without the need for an energy source. Calcium is transported through the xylem along with water to the aerial parts of the plant, so its absorption is directly related to the transpiration capacity of the plant.

Low transpiration rates and high soil salinity are conditions that are usually associated with a low mobility of calcium within the plant, with symptoms of calcium deficiency appearing in the leaves and younger tissues, as well as in the fruit.

Absolut-T has the following characteristics:

  • Only physical action.
  • Security period 0 days.
  • No waste.