It is a complexed copper liquid solution designed to correct copper deficiency states.

Copper is an essential element for the proper functioning of plants, which preferentially absorb it in free form.

Cupractive’s formulation allows a small amount of free copper to always be present in the presence of complexed copper, which results in a slow and constant supply of free copper from the complexed form, preventing it from being immobilized in the ground. Once inside the plant, copper becomes an important part of different enzymatic systems, for example, in chloroplasts, copper is present in plastocyanins, involved in the transport of electrons in photosynthesis.

In situations of copper deficiency, there is a decrease in the concentration of plastocyanins, as well as plastoquinones, in addition to a reduction in the activity of the laccase enzyme.

All these phenomena are directly related to the photosynthetic capacity of the plant, so copper deficiency immediately affects the entire photosynthetic apparatus of plants. Copper is also necessary for the neutralization of the superoxide radical anion that is formed during photorespiration, so it acts as a detoxifying agent by protecting cells from the destructive action of this overactive substance. A copper deficiency immediately produces a structural change in the chloroplasts, an unequivocal sign of the protective action of copper.

Cupractive has the following characteristics:

  • Copper deficiency state corrector.
  • Security period 0 days.
  • No waste.