Foliar fertilizer NP 4-5.

From accumulated experience in the development of this foliar fertilizer, it has been possible to individualize different factors that exert a great influence in achievement of satisfactory results in each of the treatments carried out.

Environmental factors: It is recommended to apply it in the early morning so that the product dries properly. The low relative humidity (RH) favours the application of Pulgonita and obtaining satisfactory results.

Non-environmental factors: Application of the product must be carried out in such a way as to produce a mist to obtain a fine drop, in order to make the plant as homogeneous as possible.

It is auxiliary fauna friendly and recommended for the development of sustainable agriculture because it does not contain phytosanitary active matter.

It stands out for its high effectiveness and the benefit it provides.

Recommended for:

The use of Pulgonita is especially recommended for:

  • Uniquely physical action.
  • Safety period (0 days).
  • No waste.