Supra Protect

Is a solid serum with fungicidal action against powdery molds according to    SANTE / 12.354 / 2015.

The basic substance of Supra Protect allows you to combat and prevent all kinds of fungal diseases.

Product for foliar application exclusively in field and greenhouse crops. Supra Protect is a product that acts by contact, so it is recommended to wet the entire plant well.

It does not leave residues or has a security term. It should not be mixed with strong acid or base reaction products.

Ideal for treatments of fungal diseases in horticulture such as:

  • Powdery Mildew.
  • Podosphaera Fusca.
  • Podosphaera Xanthii.
  • Golovinomyces / Erysiphe Cichoracearum.
  • Orontii Sphaerotheca Fuliginea
  • Leveillula Cucurbitacearum on zucchini.

Supra Protect has the following characteristics:

  • Combat and prevent fungal diseases.
  • Security period 0 days.
  • No waste.