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Biorizon Group

The Biorizon Biotech Group is born focused on the field of biotechnology. Its studies and developments were focused from the beginning in the countless applications of microalgae in the field of intensive and ecological agriculture, developing unique techniques and processes for the improvement of plants and fruits growth, color stimulation and physical trapping.

Another key feature in these studies was the improvement on the cultivation technique for various microalgae and the beneficial properties for a range of sectors.

The usage of microalgae offers not only faster and more powerful results than other traditional substances used like hormones, but also provides the advantage of obtaining results with natural components which leave no trace in the plant or fruit.

Grupo B2

Biorizon, a business group for the development of agriculture.




Foto David Iglesias

David Iglesias




Foto_Elisa Rojas

Elisa Rojas


Technical Manager



Fernando Román


Strategy Manager



Francisco Ibañez

Operations Manager


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