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Biorizon Vision

Pioneers. in the use of new compounds

Biorizon Biotech was a pioneer in the development of enzymatic hydrolysis of microalgae, a patented process that enhances its properties and allows the appearance of beneficial properties for crops.

We use different strains grown in our facilities, enhancing them in a controlled way to maximize their properties depending on the characteristics that our products need.

We discover the beneficial properties of the new Strains

The last few years of research have focused on the analysis of thousands of strains not only of microalgae, but also of bacteria and cyanobacteria.

The objective of the study has been to detect those that provide benefits to the crops through exhaustive tests in the laboratory and later in the field to analyze the optimal way of using them.

Innovative forms of application have also been developed, such as the specification of compounds that enhance the application of some of our products.

TrieTech Technology

The conclusions of these investigations are our new Trietech system, a cocktail of different strains that offers specific characteristics to each product.

Trietech Technology has allowed the creation of a complete range of products, from our new Bioenhancers to the new Bioprotectors.

The future

We continue to invest in R + D + i projects that guarantee us to continue offering exclusive products of high differential value in the market and oriented to our vision.

“Promote the production of quality crops with highly efficient natural solutions”

We take a big step by being part of the UN global compact

Biorizon Biotech has taken an important step towards strengthening corporate sustainability by becoming a United Nations Global Compact company. With this, we are committed to implementing the ten principles in our strategies and operations.

“Biorizon, a business group for the development of agriculture.”

The Biorizon Biotech Group is focused on the field of biotechnology.

His studies and developments have focused from the outset on the countless applications of microalgae in the field of intensive and ecological agriculture, developing unique techniques and processes to improve the growth of plants and fruits, enhancement of their colors and application of bioprotectors

Another key aspect in these first studies focused on the improvement of the cultivation techniques of different microalgae and the beneficial properties for a wide range of sectors.

The use of microalgae offers not only much faster and more powerful results than other traditional substances used such as hormones, but also provides the advantage of obtaining results with natural components whose absorption does not leave residues on the plant and fruit.

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