From Biorizon, we are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), for this reason we get involved and participate in various social solidarity projects.

The commitment we all have to improve the quality of life and the products we consume goes first and foremost to protect the lives of the most vulnerable, our ethical commitment, forces us to participate helping the most disadvantaged.


This is a project initiated from Biorizon Biotech to teach and help obtain food in a sustainable and lasting way in the northern district of Kambia, in Sierra Leone.

A total of 10 hectares of communal land have been prepared and put into use for the production of rice that can reach up to 12,000 kilos. The produced will be destined for local consumption. About 20 people, young men and women living in the area, work as wage earners in this task.

Sierra Leone has long suffered the scourges of war and Ebola, which caused a pandemic. The situation in the country begins to improve and it is time to add support and initiatives to collaborate in its progress. This is what we intend to do, create wealth, employment and ensure that others join our initiative because there is much to do there.

What we have done during this first year is to take the pulse of the country, because it is very difficult from a distance to assemble a team to develop these 10 hectares of cultivation. Our intention in the medium term is to double the cultivation area but our main objective is to ensure access to food for a basic product such as rice, since many families cannot have access due to price fluctuations.

The MADINA project is part of our responsibility to return to the most disadvantaged society a part of what we are receiving from it.

Future Plans

The initiative launched will expand the area under exploitation to 20 hectares and allocate income from the sale of production to create an agricultural training school that offers continuity and a future for the area.

Juan Francisco Domínguez participates in the project, a cooperative advisor who, in his opinion, has the added benefit of strengthening ties between family groups in the area, whose members are being formed and working for a common good.

“We are acting, he explains, in a district inhabited by some forty thousand people living in different nuclei, not far from each other. The first harvest will serve to guarantee them access to a food as basic as rice. That is why we hope to count on the collaboration of the United Nations for an adequate distribution of production ”.

War Child

The Sierra Leone project is supervised by Biorizon Biotech through one of its workers, Victor, a native of Sierra Leone and a former child soldier who arrived in Spain under the University of Almeria. He was educated and trained in agriculture in Almeria and currently belongs to the staff of Biorizon Biotech.

Victor received training in our country, which has now allowed him to work with us and launch this project that fills him with enthusiasm because it is for the benefit of his region, he is delighted to see that he will be able to help his people. He is very aware of the entire project and checking that everything is done properly.

Juan Francisco Domínguez, advisor on the project, highlights the fact that “from solidarity, companies that invest altruistically are not easily found knowing that there can be zero economic profitability. Biorizon not only donates but also gets involved, invests money, time and human resources to the project. ”

About 300 adults and about 70 children currently live in Madina. Everyone participates and benefits from this project.

With Sport

We have delivered 200 jerseys and 10 soccer balls for 25 children between 6 and 12 years old and their families with the aim of promoting the creation of mixed children’s soccer teams and helping them to adapt a field so they can practice their favorite sport.


Biorizon Biotech has a commitment as a Silver Sponsor in the Alliance for Childhood Vaccination, promoted by the international organization GAVI, created in 2000.

“La Caixa” Banking Foundation became the first GAVI private partner in Europe in 2008 and launched the Alliance for Childhood Vaccination with the aim of giving the opportunity to join the fight against child mortality. Since 2015, and together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the entity doubles through its own contributions all funds donated to GAVI by the private sector. In this way, economic resources are quadrupled to combat infant mortality in Mozambique.

With 2020 as the horizon, this international initiative that Biorizon Biotech has joined aims to reduce infant mortality and protect the health of the population by increasing the equitable use of vaccines in developing countries.

We consider this initiative as part of our corporate responsibility, emphasizing that it must be everyone’s commitment to improve the quality of life and the products we consume starting to protect the lives of the most vulnerable, such as the Mozambican child population in this case.