BIORIZON BIOTECH, engaged in the design and production of fertilizers and other biochemical products derived from microorganisms, has taken into consideration R+D+I‘s quality into their activities and respect towards the environment.

Our main purpose is to get the full satisfaction of our customers and fulfill their expectations while having the least possible impact on the environment.

To achieve this, we rely on the following principles:


  • We are committed to comply with both the client requirements and the legal and regulatory, as well as ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and UNE 166002: 2014 and any other to which the organization subscribes.
  • We are devoted to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality, Environmental and R&D&I Management System.
  • We are committed to develop the involvement and awareness of the company’s staff and stakeholders in the field of protection and respect towards the Environment, as a guarantee of Environmental Management.
  • We pledge to continuously prevent pollution, enabling sustainable development in our environment.
  • We are committed to assume the quality of the provided services, understood as the total customer satisfaction along with other stakeholders, as a guarantee of continuity, growth and development.
  • It is everyone’s commitment to be continuously informed of the innovations and technological changes required in the market, alike the sector’s demand.
  • The Management is devoted to supporting all R+D+I activities, in order to improve the center’s competitiveness, our products and services on behalf of our customers.
  • Assume the importance of the products’ quality, understood as total customer satisfaction and provide consumer safety, as a guarantee of continuity, growth, development, seeking the highest quality in our sector and consolidating the external image of the company.
  • Workers shall use their maximum interest in carrying out the entrusted tasks in order to achieve the Organization’s objectives.
  • All workers must be committed to quality, adequate environmental management and promotion of creativity, identification and characterization of ideas, objectives and technological scenarios.
  •  The R+D+I management system will allow us to improve our products and services as well as create new ones. We will carry out an exploitation of the R+D+I management results, which will allow, within the utmost confidentiality, to take maximum advantage of the results obtained.
  • Good internal management, applying the necessary measures to minimize and correct the negative impacts on the environment caused by our activities, mainly our consumption of electricity, diesel, water, paper and cardboard and to prevent further contamination that may be generated.

    Almería, September the 1st 2019

                                                                                                         David Iglesias