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Biorizon Biotech boosts its expansion campaign at Fruit Attraction LIVE Connect

International expansion is currently one of the main objectives of Biorizon Biotech.

This year, taking advantage of international and national dissemination through Fruit Attraction LIVE Connect and Social Networks, the company has launched a dissemination campaign to attract new distributors both in the national territory and in third countries.

 At the national level, there are still territories where it is necessary to increase the knowledge of the benefits of the company’s products in which the benefits of microalgae, bacteria and cyanobacteria are maximized. For this reason, a dissemination campaign is being carried out in different sale points, making the qualities of the products known to distributors and farmers.

The recruitment of new associates and distributors at an international level in Fruit Attraction, is beginning to bear fruit. The company has already received important contacts interested in the distribution and commercialization of its products.

This year, a special focus of attention has been placed on the expansion in the Latin American and Chinese market, it is in turn in other negotiations and registration processes in European countries such as Italy, UK or Russia. The African Continent, and especially Morocco, is another of the countries of interest for the company, in addition, different options in the Middle East are being studied, as well as other in countries of Asia.

Despite Covid-19, this year and 2021 will be key to the international expansion of Biorizon Biotech.