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ALGAENAUTS, a strategic project on Circular Bioeconomy and Blue Economy

Reducing the large quantities of chemicals (nitrates, phosphates, and ammonium) reaching oceans, which derive from fertilizers employed in agrarian activities and developing biostimulants which contribute to a decrease in traditional fertilizers, as well as developing pesticides that can sustainably eliminate pests are the upcoming challenges the almerian company Biorizon Biotech tackles. Leer Más…

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Biorizon Biotech Reinforces Commitment to the Biotechtecnological Development of Peru and Ecuador

Extenda’s commercial mission with Andalusian companies

Biorizon Biotech has been one of the 17 Andalusian companies taking part at the commercial mission sponsored by Extenda in Peru and Ecuador. The Almeria biotechnology company, founded and directed by David Iglesias, has taken part in technical conferences held in both countries to present to businessmen and local professionals those projects and programs in which BiorizonBiotech is currently working, as well as the innovative products developed to promote a biostable and profitable agriculture.

Extenda has pointed out that mission’s goal was to allow Spaniards companies to get to know general characteristics of the agricultural sector both in Peru and Ecuador, as potential markets for Andalusian companies of the auxiliary industry of agriculture.

Ecuador and Peru

According to the program, BiorizonBiotech has taken part in the III Technical Seminar “Technology and Agriculture: The Andalusian Experience”, held in the auditorium of the Escuela Politécnica Litoral

(ESPOL) of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Ecuador Ministry of Agriculture  and Instituto de Promoción de Exportaciones e Inversiones (Proecuador) have been involved. In this context, several informative meetings have taken place with producers of the Ecuadorian agricultural sector to know their shortcomings and needs in this field.

In Lima, the Peruvian capital, technical conferences have been carried out with the collaboration of the National Institute of Agrarian Innovation of Peru (INIA) as well as the Association of Agricultural Producers’ Guilds of Peru.

New markets

David Iglesias has put in value “the great opportunity that Extenda gives us to know and make us known in the Americas. For us, presenting large projects such as SABANA, means expanding our borders and opening them to other countries and other agricultures that still have a long way to go.  As Extenda points out, we have generated “technical and technological links” that aim, through the exchange of experiences, to improve agricultural conditions on these countries.

He adds that Peru and Ecuador are markets that offer business opportunities for our sector, both for our products and for our mentality, experience and innovation capacity.

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Biorizon Biotech, the only participating company at the IV International Biotechnology Symposium, held in Fez

In order to present biotechnological proposals on bioremediation

Invited by the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Techniques

Biorizon Biotech has been the only company invited to participate as a speaker at the Symposium “Biotechnologies environnemental: recherche, applications et défis pour le Maroc”, recently held at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, in the Moroccan city of Fez.

The Académie Hassan II des Sciences et Techniques and this University have been the organizers of this IV International Symposium of high academic level and focused on the development of environmental biotechnology and its application in Morocco. The symposium has been structured around two panels: “Bioremediation of wastewater and industrial effluents” and “Bioremediation of organic solid waste”.

The invitation of the Almerian Company was endorsed by the professor of the Engineering Department of the University of Almería and member of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Techniques of Morocco, the professor and researcher El Hassan Belarbi Haftllaoui.


The participation of Biorizon Biotech was part of the “Bioremediation of wastewater and industrial effluents” area and focused on the exhibition of sustainable technologies for the treatment of wastewater through the use of microalgae and the possible ways of valuing the biomass of microalgae, one of the possible being the production of biofertilizers and biopesticides for agriculture. The R & D projects director, Dr. Joaquín Pozo Dengra, presented the paper “Microalgae-based plant biostimulant. Application in intensive agriculture “, which is part of the H2020-SABANA project funded by the European Commission. As evidenced through the different presentations that took place in the Symposium, bioremediation techniques are decontamination of air, water and soil carried out through the use of microorganisms, fungi, plants or the enzymes derived from them. .

Scientific authorities

The scientific meeting in Fez has counted on the participation of outstanding figures of science, such as the Moroccan biotechnologist, academic and professor at the University of Paris, Prf. Dr. Albert Sasson, former deputy director general of UNESCO with Federico Mayor Zaragoza and one of the great promoters of biotechnology, who gave the opening and closing conference of the symposium on environmental biotechnologies and development. High representatives of the Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Techniques and the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon have also taken part, as well as Omar ASSOBHEI, President of the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University of Fez, among other researchers and professors of prestigious universities such as the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands) and the University of Granada (Spain).

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Biorizon Biotech becomes a sponsor in the Alliance for Childhood Vaccination in Mozambique

Created in 2000, the GAVI organization collects funds and grants to protect the health of children from countries without resources

Biorizon Biotech has joined as silver sponsor in the Alliance for Childhood Vaccination, promoted by the international organization GAVI, created in 2000. The Caixa Foundation became in 2008 the first private partner at GAVI in Europe and launched Alliance for child vaccination in order to give the opportunity to join the fight against infant mortality.

From 2015 the Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, dual respectively throughparallel contributions all funds donated to GAVIfrom the private sector, by multiplying by four economic resources to combat mortality child.

Strategy 2016-2020

GAVI is implementing a strategy, with 2020 as a horizon, which aims to reduce infant mortality and protect the population’ health by increasing an equitable use of vaccines in underdeveloped countries. Mozambican children will receive in this case the pneumococcal vaccine.  Pneumonia It is the leading cause of death in children under five years of age.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Biorizon Biotech has pointed out that the commitment we all have to improve the quality of life and the products we consume to protect the lives of the most vulnerable goes first, so initiatives such as this campaign should get all possible business support.