Rice is the second most produced cereal in the world, behind corn and ahead of wheat.

Biorizon Biotech develops a series of products based on its TrieTech technology that enhance important attributes in almond cultivation.

The substances of interest found in the extracts of microalgae and bacteria produced under the TrieTech © technology contain phytohormones, polyphenols, short-chain fatty acids (with a powerful chelating effect) and free amino acids, dipeptides, short-chain peptides, among other substances. .

These are the products that we recommend for the cultivation of the Almond:

Biosupergrow N + has been formulated by Biorizon Biotech using Trietech technology for the optimization of the assimilation of nitrogen and other micronutrients, especially in the translocation of nitrogen to favor a greater weight and filling of the spike.

This effect is favored by the special combination of different types of nitrogen. In addition, the content of different substances such as amino acids, essential fatty acids and minerals and other active substances with a chelating effect, increases the effect of fungicides in joint applications of these with Biosupergrow N +

First biostimulant on the market based on Spirulina, through an exclusive reaction designed by Biorizon Biotech.

Algafert contains natural precursors of metabolic reactions.

Alanine, for example, increases photosynthetic activity and enhances chlorophyll synthesis and intervenes in the resistance mechanisms of the plant. Alanine, together with the chelating effect of cysteine ​​and histidine, enhance the effect of the herbicide while avoiding its phytotoxicity. Glycine intervenes in the synthesis of porphyrins, the precursors of chlorophyll rings, produces greater tillering, participates in the resistance systems of the plant together with lysine, formation of leaf tissue, with longer spikes.

Also noteworthy is the high content of phytohormones, key to greater tillering and a greater number of grains. The vitamins and amino acids contained in Algafert, obtained from Spirulina biomass, function as a fundamental part of the metabolic processes of the plant, resembling phytohormones and enzymes.

  • These substances, together with the polysaccharides contained in the cell wall of Spirulina, provide a number of benefits:
    Trophic effect: they act invigorating, obtaining greater tillering, longer ears and a greater number of grains.
  • Root system improvement
    It enhances the effect of mixtures, for example herbicide, while avoiding phytotoxicity.

Crop Protect is a formulation based on a specific mixture of various basic substances, specially designed to present a synergistic effect that improves the individual action of each one of them.

The basic substances present in Crop Protect allow to combat all kinds of fungal diseases and simultaneously provide extra protection through an active defense mechanism triggered by the exogenous application of elicitor compounds, whose objective is to act as activators of the defensive reactions of the plants. , inducing the production of phytoalexins and stimulating defense mechanisms to protect against fungal and bacterial infections.