Vineyard cultivation

Biorizon Biotech develops a series of products based on its TrieTech © technology that enhance important attributes in vine cultivation, such as sprouting, homogeneous fattening, brix degrees, firmness, reduction of impact damage.

The substances of interest found in the extracts of microalgae and bacteria produced under the TrieTech© technology contain phytohormones, polyphenols, short-chain fatty acids (with a powerful chelating effect) and free amino acids, dipeptides, short-chain peptides, among other substances.

Here we show the best products for vine care.

It contains natural precursors for metabolic reactions.

Alanine, for example, increases photosynthetic activity and enhances chlorophyll synthesis and intervenes in the plant’s resistance mechanisms to cold. Cysteine and histidine act as chelators, and glycine is involved in the synthesis of porphyrins, the precursors of chlorophyll rings.

It enhances the formation of new shoots, participates in the resistance systems of the plant together with lysine, formation of the leaf tissue, in addition to intervening in pollination and fertilization.

The vitamins and amino acids contained in Algafert obtained from the biomass of Spirulina, function as a fundamental part of the metabolic processes of the plant, resembling phytohormones and enzymes.

These substances together with the polysaccharides contained in the cell wall of Spirulina provide a series of benefits:

  • Trophic effect: it works by invigorating and stimulating vegetation
  • They stimulate flowering and sprouting.
  • Increased assimilation of the compounds with which it is mixed: valid for application together with pesticide products.
  • Irrigation with Algafert in swollen bud is essential.
  • Ideal for foliar application or through any irrigation system throughout the period of growth, pre-flowering and petal fall.

Biorizon Biotech has developed the Microtech series as a range of fully natural deficiency correctors with maximum solubilization and assimilation.

The Microtech range does not contain chemical chelators since it has been formulated with microalgae extract that contains, among other vehicle substances, cysteine and histidine, L-amino acids that act as natural chelators.

Benefits of using Microtech Ferro/Triple in vines:

  • Chlorosis correction while giving a global bio stimulant effect.
  • Valid for foliar application or irrigation.

First microalgae-based bio stimulant on the market, manufactured using an exclusive reaction designed by Biorizon Biotech.

High content of cytokinin, trans-zeaxanthin and indoleacetic acid auxin, important natural phytohormones extracted from microalgae that are involved in root development.

Besides, Biopower, has in its composition a series of polyphenolic compounds of interest in the vine bio stimulation. The stable aminogram and in adequate amounts to activate metabolic reactions makes different precursors available to the vineyard:

  • Secondary roots increasing.
  • Rejuvenation of the root system, increasing the productive life of the almond tree.
  • Improvement of the soil microbiota, favouring the mobilization of nutritional substances that are already found in cultivated soils.
  • Protection against stress situations.

Product designed to promote the fattening of the grape through two parallel reactions: introduction of calcium and cell duplication.

Biofat 600 contains Leucine, an essential amino acid that increases production, helping to fertilize and tie the fruit. It improves the quality of the fruit and participates in the resistance systems of the plant.

  • Benefits from the use of Biofat 600 in the cultivation vines:
  • Foliar and / or root application.
  • Fattening increase by calcium assimilation.
  • Homogeneity in the fruits.
  • Increase in Brix degrees
  • Improvement of post-harvest properties.
  • Regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • Increased cell wall.

Biorizon Biotech has designed a high potassium content solution that contains microalgae extract in an optimal percentage to act as an enhancer of potassium assimilation.

Ideal after applying Biofat 600 to increase the content in degrees brix.

Benefits from using Kolor Plus:

  • Recommended for accelerating the formation, mobilization and accumulation of sugars and essential oils in the reserve organs of the plant.
  • Early fruit ripening.
  • A higher quality of the fruits due to the accumulation of nutritional reserves, higher Brix degree.
  • The development of a more consistent fruit with more external and internal colour, a larger calibre and an enhanced flavour.
  • Greater skin hardness and therefore resistance to fungal infections such as rot.