Ligno+ ca

Is a lignosulfonic acid complexed calcium-based formulation specially designed to correct saline and saline-sodium soils, as well as to combat the physiopathies caused by calcium deficiency.

Ligno+ca works in two different ways on soils, improving its cationic exchange capacity.

On the one hand, its high percentage of calcium ions displaces sodium ions from negatively charged micelles present in fundamentally clay-type soils, which are blocked due to their high sodium content.

Furthermore, the organic matter supplied as a complexing agent (lignosulfonic acid) reconstitutes soils with low cation exchange capacity due to their poor content of negatively charged particles. etc.

Ligno+ca can be used in the preventive and curative control of pathologies related to deficiencies or imbalances in the assimilation of Calcium by the plant, thus for example the chlorosis of young leaves, apical rotting in horticultural crops, bitter -pit of the apple tree, cracking of the citrus rind, the stooping of the apex, the leaf necrosis of the lettuce,

Recommended for:

The use of Ligno + ca is especially recommended for:

  • Fighting physiopathies produced by a calcium deficiency.
  • A greater preventive control of pathologies related to the assimilation of Calcium.
  • Avoiding young leaves chlorosis.
  • Avoiding rotting.