Biohumic 16

Works by improving the physical, chemical and microbiological conditions of the soils where it is applied.

Humic acids are characterized by their ability to restructure soils, providing sponginess and improving water retention capacity, resulting in a higher performance of the root system of plants. At the chemical level, the application of humic acids increases the ionic exchange capacity of the soil, increases the availability of micronutrients through a chelating effect and improves the buffering capacity of the soil.

As a result of the physicochemical modifications of the soil, the microbial activity in the soils is promoted, resulting in a better implantation of bacteria and fungi beneficial for plant development.

BioHumic 16 is a concentrated formulation based on humic and fulvic acids of natural origin.

  • Designed for application dissolved in irrigation water to enhance its beneficial effect on the soil.
  • Improves the physical, chemical and microbiological conditions of soils.