Fruit Set Nature

Formulation based on microelements of special incidence in the physiological processes related to the fertility of flowers and fruit set.

The action of these microelements is amplified by the elicitors of 100% natural origin present in the formulation.

This unique combination of components results in a product with countless benefits:

  • Primary and secondary root development are stimulated, favoring the general development of the crop through nutritional improvement.
  • The foliar application of Cuaje Nature stimulates cell elongation during fruit development, improving size and final production.
  • It increases the accumulation of plant reserves and enhances the plant mechanisms associated with pollination and fertilization.
  • The presence of boron has a positive effect on flowering, improving the size, fertility and germination of pollen grains.
  • The joint application of molybdenum has a synergistic effect with that of boron, obtaining flowers with a superior quality.
  • The presence of zinc in Cuaje Nature ensures the activation of the enzymes responsible for carbohydrate metabolism, as well as the activation of metabolic processes related to auxin hormones, which affect growth.