Kolor Basic

Is a concentrated liquid potassium solution supplemented with urea nitrogen and an antiblocking agent that facilitates the absorption of potassium.

Kolor Basic can be applied as a base fertilizer to correct potassium deficiencies throughout the entire vegetative cycle. This application allows correcting potential potassium deficiencies, thus improving the good osmotic balance of the plant, as well as the activity of a multitude of enzyme systems that need potassium ions to function properly.

However, Kolor Basic is especially recommended during the fruit ripening stage or at the end of the crop, where the potassium requirements are higher than those of any other nutritive element.

Recommended for:

  • The acceleration of the formation, mobilization and accumulation of sugars and essential oils in the reserve organs of the plant.
  • The advancement of fruit ripening.
    A higher quality of fruits due to the accumulation of nutritional reserves, a higher degree of Brix.
  • The development of a more consistent fruit with more external and internal color, a larger size and an enhanced flavor.
    Increased hardness of the skin and therefore resistance to fungal infections, such as rot.