Kolor Neutro

Is a liquid solution of potassium oxide free of chloride, nitrates and sulfates, complemented by a microalgae extract rich in vitamins, pigments, essential oils, minerals and proteins.

The potassium present in Kolor Neutro is associated with carboxylic groups present in organic molecules of natural origin, providing it with greater activity and capacity for assimilation by crops.

Kolor Neutro can be applied throughout the vegetative cycle as a background fertilizer to cover the potassium needs of the crops, however, its use is recommended mainly in the growth phases and especially when the fruits are ripening. Potassium is a vital nutrient for plants, due to its participation in various metabolic functions related to cell division, the synthesis of sugars and pigments, the consistency of cell walls and the water and osmotic balance of the plant.

Kolor Neutro is especially suitable for crops that demand large amounts of potassium.

Recommended for:

  • Accelerate the formation, mobilization and accumulation of sugars and essential oils in the reserve organs of the plant.
  • Advance the ripening of the fruits.
  • Improve the quality of the fruits due to the accumulation of nutritional reserves. Higher Brix degree.
  • Obtain more consistent fruits, with greater color, size and flavor.
  • Increased hardness of the skin and therefore resistance to fungal infections, such as rot.
  • Greater turgor in vegetables for fourth range.