Kolor Plus

Is a concentrated potassium solution produced using TrieTech © technology from microalgae to promote and enhance the synthesis of oils and sugars.

Ideal to increase the color and quality of the fruits.

Kolor Plus can be applied as a background fertilizer to correct potassium deficiencies throughout the entire vegetative cycle, where a potassium deficiency directly affects the good osmotic balance of the plant and the activity of a multitude of enzyme systems, which They need potassium ions to function properly, however their use is recommended during the fruit ripening stage or during the end of the crop, where the potassium requirements are greater than those of any other nutrient element.

Recommended for:

The use of Kolor Plus is especially recommended for:

  • Advancement of fruit ripening.
  • Higher quality of fruits thanks to the accumulation of nutritional reserves.
  • Development of a more consistent fruit with more external and internal color.
  • Greater skin toughness and therefore greater resistance to fungal infections.