Is an exclusively left-handed amino acid solution, essential for the formation of vegetable proteins.

Glutamic acid is known for its fundamental role as a precursor of other amino acids and as a stimulator of growth and physiological processes in young leaves, in addition to intervening in the mechanisms of resistance to adverse factors.

For its part, glycine is necessary in the synthesis of porphyrin rings, the structural pillars of chlorophyll and cytochromes, so it plays a vital role in enhancing the photosynthetic mechanisms of plants, in addition to being the amino acid with the greatest chelating effect, thus promoting the mobility of micronutrients in the soil.

The combined effects of these two amino acids in a single formulation give Levoamin its exceptional properties as an enhancer of growth and development of the crop throughout the entire biological cycle, and especially in adverse situations of plant stress such as transplantation, drought, frost. , etc…

Recommended for:

The use of Levoamin is especially recommended for:

Stimulator of growth and physiological processes.
It intervenes as a mechanism of resistance to adverse factors.
Plant growth enhancer.