Liquid solution of 100% left-handed amino acids from fermentation processes enriched in L-Tryptophan.

Mixelamin includes in its formula a high content of glycine betaine, a neutral amino acid with the ability to regulate the osmotic potential of cells, which is synthesized by some plants as an adaptive response to abiotic stress situations such as low or high temperatures, drought, flood, salinity and acidity of the soil.

In the case of most plants with agronomic interest, this amino acid is not synthesized naturally, so that crops subjected to some type of stress during their production process see their yields significantly diminished.

The presence of L-tryptophan and glycine betaine in Mixelamin improves the ability of crops both to absorb the nutrients present in the soil by enhancing health and the development of a good root system, and to retain them at the cellular level by modifying the osmotic potential internal, which allows maintaining the integrity of the cell membrane, without loss of turgor, safeguarding the macromolecules and proteins resulting from plant metabolism.