Biobloom 10-10

Soluble phosphorus and potassium liquid solution enhanced with the incorporation of a microalgae extract prepared using Trietech © technology, developed by Biorizon Biotech.

Its special formulation combines the benefits of a microalgae extract specially chosen to favor the absorption of phosphorus and potassium, with an additional probiotic effect on the rhizospheric microbiome, enhancing the microbiological activity of soils.

Due to its neutral pH and being free of chlorides, Biobloom 10-10 is especially suitable for all types of crops, especially those sensitive to high salinity.

Biobloom 10-10 is a bioenhancer of the contribution of phosphorus and potassium.

Phosphorus is a necessary macronutrient for germination, cutting and flowering, especially in this last stage, where its deficiency implies a delay and the production of smaller and lower quality fruits.

Potassium, for its part, is another key macronutrient for crop development. Potassium regulates the water-plant relationship by actively participating in the regulation of the opening and closing of stomata, essential for photosynthesis. A deficient supply of potassium implies a slower opening and closing speed of the stomata, which results in a greater loss of water and therefore generates water stress.