Soil Active NK

Liquid organic NK fertilizer of vegetable origin, it is a liquid organic matter from the extraction and fermentation of sugar molasses juices, therefore it is a 100% natural product made from vegetable extracts.

Soil Active NK is made up of plant organic materials such as amino acids, proteins, lipids, various acids, nucleic acids and organic substances resulting from the metabolic processes of the yeasts used for the fermentation of the original molasses.

This product is also characterized by a high content of fulvic acids, complexes formed by small chains of low molecular weight polymers with a high content of carboxylic groups that provide it with a high cation exchange capacity.

Soil Active NK is stable throughout the pH range and behaves as an excellent vehicle for restructuring soils since: It acts as a complexing agent for the micronutrients present in the soil.

  • Unlock saturated soils.
  • Regulates pH and mobilizes cations.
  • Stabilizes organic matter in the soil. Its macronutrient content acts as a deficiency corrector, while the presence of vitamins and probiotic substances act as biostimulators of the microbiota of the root environment.
    Soil Active NK is especially indicated to contribute organic matter to the soil, helping its restructuring by means of the fulvic acids present in its composition.