Glucocomplex + Fe

Liquid solution of iron complexed by heptagluconic acid.

The iron present in Glucocomplex + Fe presents the most suitable oxidation state for absorption by plants, avoiding the previous transformation of iron (III) to iron (II) on the root surface, resulting in metal absorption and availability by the plant almost immediately.

The presence of iron is of vital importance for the correct functioning of the cytochromes present in hemoproteins, vital constituents of the redox system of the electron transport chain of chloroplasts and mitochondria, which participate in processes as varied as the reduction of nitrates nitrites and nitrogen fixation in legumes, as well as in the reactions related to photorespiration, glycolysis and dismutation of hydrogen peroxide catalyzed in turn by the hemoproteins catalases and peroxidases.

Iron also participates in the biosynthesis of chlorophyll, its deficiency is immediately evident in young leaves in the form of a reduction in coloration caused by a decrease in the concentration of chlorophyll. Iron deficiency is also evident at the level of the root system, where important morphological changes can be observed, there is a decrease in the length of the roots and an increase in the number and diameter of root hairs.

Recommended for:

The use of Glucocomplex + Fe is especially recommended for:

  • Better chlorophyll biosynthesis.
  • Improves the root system.