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Own Production

Only producing and growing your own raw material guarantees control over quality and differentiation for the products.

Our main identity trait lays in our control and tracking of products throughout the whole production chain.

We cultivate and generate sustainably our own raw material. Improving the properties of the strain and researching how to enhance and maximize its beneficial effects.This allows to develop solutions for the cultive with a larger quality control over the active substances and to commercialize unique solutions in which their components are only grown and produced in our facilities.

Nueva Planta de producción y experimentación Agora Sabana

New Production and Experimentation Plant “Agora Sabana”

Biorizon Biotech has built Europe’s largest indoor microalgae and cyanobacteria culture plant dedicated entirely to the agricultural market.

The large-scale microalgae production plant contains different types of raceways, tubular photobioreactors and automated harvesting and homogenization systems.

The plant is fully automated and monitored, as well as the preparation, harvesting and centrifugation of the culture media.

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