Borocomplex is a solution of boron ethanolamine stabilized in a form of high solubility that allows a rapid absorption by crops.

Boron is not a microelement needed in great quantity by plants however, but in case of absence serious growth problems may appear by intervening in essential functions of vegetables.

Typical manifestations of boron deficiencies are the breakage of the cell walls, cracking or cracking of the fruits, small and brittle leaves, fruit coating or bitter-pit, necrosis, decrease in the content of sugars in the fruits and their poor long-term preservation.

These effects are more important in sensitive species such as strawberry, beans, lettuce, apple, olive, pepper, tomato, vine, citrus, corn, potato and banana among others.

Recommended for:

The use of Borocomplex is especially recommended for:

  • Improving pollination and fruiting of plants.
  • Strengthens the cell walls.
  • Avoiding the corking effect on fruits.
  • Accelerating fertilization of ovules.
Reducing premature fall of flowers and fruits.