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2016 – 2021

  • PITA, C / Albert Einstein, 15-23, Almería, ES
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Trietech© technology, Biorizon’s new innovation

Biorizon’s TrieTech© technology is the result of investigations conducted over the last years on bacteria, cyanobacteria and microalgae.

The research of nearly 1,800 strains of bacteria and 2,000 strains of microalgae has allowed for the identification of phytohormones, folitenols, precursors, etc, which represent the base of our products under the TrieTech© technology.

New Trietech© Technology

Biorizon Biotech has developed a range of products based on the patented Trietech Technology researched in their laboratories. This technology combines the benefits of the enzimatic hydrolisis of microalgae and cyanobacteria with the innovative use of crop beneficial bacteria.

The Trietech Technology has shown substantial improvement over the traditional methods, offering:

  • Growth and broadening of fruits.
  • Faster crop rooting.
  • Better resistance facing pests and Bioprotective effect.

The new range of products based on this technology is present in the following lines;

  • Biostrengtheners; products focused on rooting, phytofortifiers, broadeners and vigorizers.
  • Bioprotectors ECO; the range of Bioprotective products adequate for ecological agriculture.

Products focused on rooting, phytostrengtheners,  broadeners and vigorizers.

Products focused on rooting, phytostrengtheners,  broadeners and vigorizers, all of them adequate for ecological agriculture.

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